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The client was using using the third floor of his home for both his business office and hobbies. Unfortunately, he had to pass by the seductive hobby area on his way to the unexciting paperwork for his business.

In a couple of hours we moved everything around, and now it is much easier for him to focus on his work. And he has a more contained, compact area for his music, partitioned off with existing bookcases.


The music area, a tangled web of cords, with the computer beckoning you as you wend your way to do your REAL work at the little desk that is barely visible behind it, by the left-hand window.


The Music Area now neatly tucked away in a corner (making better use of that space under the eaves), leaving the main area for work. The main business area is now located in the larger open area. It is the first desk you arrive at -- a considerably larger one than before, its prominence more representative of its importance.



Over 40 years of "storage" in this attic area over the garage, and a few years living in the house alone. Not yet ready to move, the client knows that as long as the house is packed with stuff she doesn't need, moving will never be an option. Plus she hates the thought of leaving the task to her children. Good point. And it's such a catharsis!

BEFORE (yes, this is right-side-up)


[Still working on this one -- coming soon!]

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