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Simple storage problems often occur in the most-used and smallest of our rooms. In this bathroom, the placement of the toilet and in-wall toilet paper holder made it almost impossible to reach the paper. There was no other place on the walls that was reachable from the toilet, either. Not enough room for a free-standing holder. And attaching something on the outside of the vanity would have meant it was sticking out and in the way every time you used the sink.

Judy solved the problem by finding an oak paper holder (meant to recess into a wall) that she had a carpenter install in the top panel of the oak vanity. The vanity was designed for placement of a sink either right, center, or left, resulting in dead space above the drawers. The front panel was removed, sliced into three pieces, and the edges of the unused third piece used for completing the edging on the cut sides to match the top and bottom of panel.

No longer does anyone have to be a contortionist to reach the paper! A simple solution to an annoying everyday problem.

old paper holder new paper holder

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