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The client had purchased a wrought iron wall-hung canopy for over the bed, but Judy decided it wasn't safe considering the weight. Plus due to its poor design it would be a dust collector and possibly allergy-inducer since it had to be taken completely apart to remove the fabric for washing (which means it would be done rarely, if ever...).

The room had some exceptional antiques that were placed too close together, one obscuring the other as you entered the room (right). The rest of the room had a hodge-podge of too many pieces large and small, making it feel cramped and busy.

There were also two too many mirrors in the room (one not shown was over the headboard of the bed).

The color scheme had always been just blue and white and needed a facelift.



With the above considerations, plus the fact that this is a rental, Judy's safer solution was to hang a "canopy-drape-headboard".

Furniture was moved to better showcase its beauty and balance the room around the windows.

The frameless mirror in the left corner and the one over the bed were removed, and more contemplative artwork was hung, making it a calmer room for sleeping (no more light and "chi" bouncing about the room).

Picking up the vibrant red from the new comforter as the accent color gave the room new life, fit for a princess (as the client keeps telling Judy).

   bedroom after

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