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The client had received some family estate furniture, which prompted her to redo her apartment after 20+ years. While making room for some really large pieces, Judy completely changed the arrangement of furniture and the display of all of the artwork in the apartment, to better highlight the client's favorites. The end result was a much more cohesive, cozy and attractive home.



As seen below, the unwelcoming jackets on the left unnecessarily obstructing the entry stair (there are closets at both top & bottom of stairs) were replaced with the client's collection of framed vintage sheet music, each of which had hung alone before. As you can see, it makes for an unobstructed welcome that adds drama and a sense of fun.



In one afternoon Judy created and hung the whimsical arrangement over the sofa that reflects the client's diverse interests.

The 30-foot ceiling on the staircase had previously displayed a quilt, but that belonged to another lifetime. Some of the client's treasured posters displayed together made for an eye-popping first impression. (Yes, Judy was on a 25-foot ladder to hang these, but we won't show you those photos!)

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