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Your garage is valuable real estate that often goes underutilized. People tend to throw or pile up things in the garage, usually leaving no room for the car itself, or to even get to the stored "stuff".

A well-organized space can allow you easy access to seasonal holiday items, sports equipment, gardening supplies, yard tools and equipment and outdoor furniture with enough room for a workshop (or maybe even a car!).

Purchasing garage-organization kits directly, or having a professional come to install the units is actually the second part of what you should do.

Planning how the space will be used according to your "stuff" and habits is the most crucial part of the process. The person selling or installing the units may not be qualified to help you with that part.

Judy can help you plan the space to customize it to your needs, before you make the investment in the materials. An investment carefully planned is an investment wisely made.

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