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Judy has worked with clients in both small apartments and large homes to prepare their homes for sale. Professional help getting your home ready for sale will lessen the stress and pave the way for higher prices.

Hire an expert for de-cluttering, furniture placement, and simple facelift ideas. She is an experienced eBay seller, and knows many ways to pass on those things you'd hate to see go to a landfill. From general suggestions that you can implement by yourself to more major efforts that require professional help, Judy can help you get it together in time for that Open House.

Judy does NOT make you move out your furniture only to replace it with "hers" (after all, you're still living there, aren't you?). She believes that there is a way to better showcase everyone's home without adding the premature removal of your furniture to the trauma of buying and selling.  Judy's knowledge has helped to sell numerous NYC coop apartments at the low point of the real estate market, as well as dress up suburban homes to speed up their sale and earn a better sales price.

She knows ways to make your space appear larger, lighter and more inviting. Using what you have, she'll update and complement your style to make your home more attractive to buyers. De-cluttering is only a part of what she can do for you. She can even do most of the small cosmetic changes herself for those homeowners who are handyman-challenged.

You may even want to stay instead of move when she's done!

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