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Insulation & Safety Review:

Judy's wealth of knowledge about household safety combined with her eagle eye for insulation opportunities and hazards can make you aware of needed repairs, how to do simple repairs yourself, lower your heating bills and avoid future in-home accidents. Five years running her NYC co-op building taught her many things that a normal homeowner would never have the chance to learn.

Her experience can benefit your family or office far into the future. Taking ongoing care of your home is protecting your investment.

Home Repairs Overview:

Be prepared before you need to call in a carpenter, electrician or plumber. Judy customizes her flow sheet grid to organize your home repairs for you. The next time you need to call a contractor, you won't forget the little things that weren't worth a special trip, thus saving yourself money while making the most of his/her time.

Alterations noted can include "wish list" items as well as the mandatory ones. Having this list is also helpful when discussing costs with a contractor -- you both have a copy of the same information, so there can be no misunderstandings. Judy describes simple solutions to ongoing problems so that homeowners can do it themselves if they have the skills. The simplest changes can make living in your home much less stressful.

Second Opinion on Additions & Building Plans:

Most people have trouble visualizing finished projects from blueprints and sketches. Judy, using her designer's eye, has helped homeowners avoid major mistakes.

An excellent example of this was an addition that was being built on the front of a house in Rockland County. The architect had planned the addition to extend beyond the current front of the house, mirroring the other side of the house that extended beyond the center front door area. Most of the numerous windows in the addition would take advantage of the view of the spacious front yard. However, the architect had also placed a window in short wall that was perpendicular to the house -- a window that would face the solid brick wall on the other side of the front door.

Judy saw this immediately, and suggested that the plan be altered by shortening the small wall, moving the window to a new adjoining angled wall. That wall would truncate what would have been a 90º angle. Moving the window to the angled wall both opened up the view and the room itself, losing no real usable interior space. A little more complicated than what the architect had planned, but well worth every penny. The homeowners still speak of how this small change to their plans at the right time turned a nice addition into a spectacular one that they enjoy every day.

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Special Events Planning & Project Management:

Judy's professional experience in management, marketing, public relations, theater, interior design, and the performing arts uniquely qualifies her to plan and manage any kind of special event, and all nature of projects. She is blessed with an almost perfectly balanced right and left brain, which explains how she seamlessly synthesizes the functional with the aesthetic.

Her projects have included:

Special Events Planning :

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